Infertility case sharing – abortion and pregnancy

33 year old, Female Clerk

“I always think I can give birth easily. I had abortion 3 times when I was young. It is really unimaginable that I can’t get pregnant at the time when I really want one!” At the age of 30, knowing that her husband and her in-laws love babies and someone to carry on their family name, she planned to have a baby.

Since she worried that she may be too old to get pregnant, so despite working hard on it, she sought help from Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, with the experience 3 times, she still can’t get pregnant after 3 years, which was depressing and pressurized for her.

She was 33 already, hopeless. Therefore she approached a gynecologist for an answer. The result felt like hell to her, and she was guilty for it. “Lab result showed that I had a chlamydia infection, which blocked my fallopian tube and led to pelvic inflammatory disease. There were multiple numbers of pus in my fallopian tubes. Doctor told me that the chlamydia infection is the major cause of her infertility!” she exclaimed.

She said except unprotected sex, abortion in a contaminated environment is also a cause of chlamydia infection. Since there are no obvious signs of chlamydia infection, so she had no idea of the infection.

“When I was young, I had causal relationship, and got pregnant for 3 times. So I went to Shenzhen black market for abortion, it was cheap, though the environment was terrible. I can’t imagine this would be the cause of my infertility. I am so sorry towards my husband.” She was upset and guilty after the news and asked the doctor repeatedly whether her past abortion was the cause.

She knew that her past would upset her husband, so she was reluctant to tell her husband. After doctor’s comfort and support, she took up the courage and received ART as suggested by doctors, as her fallopian tubes were severely blocked and natural pregnancy could rarely happen.

However, it was not until the third trial that she succeeded in having a baby boy. “Even though each treatment requires many injections and many body checks to follow my ovulation, but I was willing to do so as I really wanted to have a baby with my husband to make up for my past.” She used her own story to remind other women not to overestimate their ability of birth giving, and not to have abortion in non-sterile places. Otherwise the chance of future pregnancy may be hindered.

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