Pregancy –Increasing the chances of getting pregnant

What makes a successful pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a complex process, contributed by quite a number of factors, listed as below:

Criteria for successful pregnancy:

  1. Regular ovulation
  2. Normal sperms with normal motility
  3. Normal fallopian tube
  4. Suitable site for embryo implantation

In each menstrual cycle, the chance of getting pregnant is about 25%.

Increasing the chances of getting pregnant

  1. Modification of lifestyle
    • Quit smoking
    • Prevent drug use
    • Avoid alcohol intake
    • Maintain a normal body weight
    • Consult physician for chronic illness e.g. DM, thyroid disease
    • Increase folic acid intake
    • Check immunity to rubella (vaccination if necessary)
    • Have regular sexual intercourse: couples should be reminded that there is no optimal frequency of sexual intercourse, couples should work out a feasible schedule among themselves.
  2. Timed intercourse
    • Observe vulvar mucus: Vulvar mucus would become clear and slippery during fertile period. By observing mucus condition, women can estimate ovulation period, to increase the chance of conception.
    • Monitor ovulation of menstrual cycle: Ovulation occurs on Day 14 in menstrual cycle. (Day 0 = first day of menstrual period) Conception is most possible if couples have sexual intercourse within the week of ovulation.
  3. Tubal problems
    • Surgery: For restoring normal anatomy of the fallopian tubes
  4. Laparoscopic adhesiolysis for endometriosis: Laparoscopic surgery can be performed to treat endometriosis to increase the chance of pregnancy.
  5. Reversal of sterilization: for patients with tubal ligation and vasectomy performed, reversal surgery can be done to allow pregnancy to occur.
  6. Avoid lubricant during sexual intercourse: Some lubricant would inhibit sperm motility.