Termination of pregnancy, abortion

“What should I do if I got pregnant accidentally?”

Usually after some major holidays, girls may have to face the problem of accidental pregnancy as they are influenced by the holiday mood and have sex with their partners. Some girls may be affected by some external factors which they can’t give birth to the babies. Under these circumstances, they are frequently driven by anxiety to visit illegal clinic for abortion. This is a dangerous act that may affect the lives of them and infections of dirty utensils may hinder future pregnancies.

We understand the anxiety and worries of unplanned pregnancy, therefore we suggest clients to have a conversation with their family and decide whether abortion is the right option. For pregnancy less than 24 weeks, with careful consideration and two doctors’ approval, abortion is legal in Hong Kong. Therefore, women should seek help from the right doctors if abortion is preferred.

Termination of pregnancy, abortion – vacuum aspiration

Embryos less than 7 weeks are too small for abortion. The ideal timing for abortion is around 8-12 weeks as the risks are relatively smaller. Therefore, vacuum aspiration is suitable for pregnant women in week 8-12. The surgery can be either local or general anesthesia, which lasts for about 15 minutes. During the procedure, doctors would aspirate the embryo with suction tubing.


Infection – it is caused by unclean equipment. Therefore patients should opt for a more well-equipped hospital to lower the risks of infection. Infection would lead to fallopian tube blockage, reducing the possibility of future pregnancy. Uterus puncture – patients should find experienced and qualified doctors for the surgery.

Termination of pregnancy – drug-induced abortion / chemical abortion

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the skull of fetus is formed, which is not suitable for vacuum aspiration. Vaginal medication can be used to expulse the fetus.

It is noted that the longer the pregnancy, the greater the risk of termination.

Termination of pregnancy, abortion – frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Will abortion hinder the chance of future pregnancy?
    No. People generally think that abortion would lead to sterility, which is in fact caused by unsterilized equipment that infects fallopian tube. The risk of infection can be reduced if the surgery is performed in advanced hospital setting.
  2. 2. Can oral medications be used for abortion?
    Oral medications for abortion require two separate drugs, and one of them isn’t registered in Hong Kong. Therefore so far oral medication for abortion is not possible in Hong Kong.

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