Weak Sperm, Asthenospermia

What should I do if I have weak sperms? Case sharing

“If my husband can overcome his barrier and get his semen tested earlier, we would be having our own children earlier!” Currently a mother of a daughter and a son, the images of “birth-giving” are still fresh in memories. She admitted that her husband’s hesitancy for semen examination was a costly mistake.

Eventually, she approached a gynecologist after a year for consultation. However, tests were done one after one and no problems were found. She was perfectly fine, but this was even more troubling for her. “I’ve repeated tests performed with a wish to have a baby. These tests include fallopian tube examination, ovulation test, advanced test, test for Chlamydia infection, you name it, I have done it. Doctor said I’ve done whenever it could be. And all tests came back normal.”

At the age of 33, seeing how upset her wife was, the husband finally goes to test his semen. Results showed that he had severe asthenospermia, which only 20% of the sperms are normal, so natural fertilization is almost impossible. Therefore doctor suggested in vitro fertilization. She became pregnant in the first treatment cycle and gave birth to a boy and a girl. The couple was amazed by the arrival of these two new lives.

Weak sperms, Asthenospermia

Data reveals that the quality of sperm in the past 50 years is declining, from 113 to 66 million, while volume of sperm also decreases from 3.40 to 2.75ml. The male factors seem to weigh more in couples with fertility problems.

Why is it the case? Here shows some of the reasons:

  • Age
  • Environmental pollution
  • Occupation
  • Social factors, such as use of mobile phones

Age is an important among all factors. The fertility of a 35-year-old male is about half of that of a 25-year-old peer.

Prolonged exposure to heavy metals, including lead and mercury, such as in the dyeing and weaving factory, and construction sites, would affect sperm quality. The insecticides we encounter daily on our vegetables would bring similar impacts, especially affecting farmers, gardeners and other related occupations.

Having too much sauna, spa, sleep on electric blanket, and excess heat in working environment also can affect sperm quality and quantity. A van driver sits in the 14 seat van in summer without air conditioning may have this concern.

Mobile phones have become a daily necessity nowadays; the electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones will reduce sperm numbers and quality. In some cases, something can be done to improve sperm number and quality. For example, some drugs can be given to reduce oxidative stress and improve sperm quality. If the sperms are too weak, assisted reproductive treatment such as IUI or IVF may be required. In these cases, some drugs may be used to enhance success rate of IUI and IVF.

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